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National Exit Exam Final Decision

NEXT will ensure that people who really want MBBS and who are genuinely interested in being doctors will enter the course. Once NEXT is implemented, there’s no escaping till the end and I’m sure people who’re in doubt about the course will take it up at all, if they have to face another examination for their license.

What is NEXT EXAM?
An EXIT Exam also knows as a national Licentiate Exam for MBBS students was proposed and had been passed. NEXT exam is designed for the Indian medical graduates and international medical graduates to practice medicine anywhere in the nation. It is compulsory for all MBBS graduates to pass the exam and only then they will be eligible to practice in INDIA.

NEXT will substitute 3 tests

  • NEET for PG admissions
  • Foreign Graduate Medical Examination
  • Recruitment for Central Health Services.

What will be outcomes of NEXT Exam
NEXT exam will be quality check exam for the MBBS students who didn’t study well during the course and also to check if they deserve to use the Dr.tag with their name , this exit test will surely push the MBBS students to work harder and study solemnly during the entire MBBS course. This is one of the greatest benefits of this newly introduced exam.

The results of how candidates from individual colleges have performed in NEXT will be made public. In case a college has more than 90% of candidates qualifying NEXT, it will automatically serve as an indicator that the college provides quality education and candidates will then be able to make an informed choice while selecting colleges.

There are people in the society who say that students doing MBBS in private colleges are not sharp when compared to students who are studying in government medical colleges and got through a medical entrance exam, without paying heavy donations. Now, it is time for students studying in private universities to prove those judgmental people wrong. Future Advantage of NEXT exam

  • India is full of private medical colleges. I bet majority of students who pass out from random private colleges with lakhs of donations will not have seen a third of cases we’ve seen in Government institutions.
  • Lot of people think that MCQs are all about mugging up and vomiting in the exam. If it was that easy , every single student would have been in top institutes of the country. Appearing for an MCQ examination needs a more detailed preparation than it needs for a theory examination, like the one we face for our university. People may disagree to this one, but MCQs test a deeper understanding than theory questions that cover bigger topics. Having a licensing examination would actually test deeper understanding of the course as a whole. There are a few drawbacks too as far as NEXT is concerned.
  • The timing of the examination: If it were to fall in between internship, I doubt people will have the preparation or the energy to give it with full enthusiasm.
  • If the timing of the examination is postponed, then the Jan PG sessions for AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER will get delayed. Hence, the examination cannot be kept at a later date as well.

Now It is interesting to wait and watch how the whole process goes and what happens in future.
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