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IELTS Overview

The IELTS is one of the most globally recognised tests. Every year nearly 1.4 million applicants take the test according to statistics and apply for overseas education. Over 6000 institutes across 135 countries recognise tho test.

The test is being conducted 4 times a month and there are more than 500 centers in the country.  A number of people from different backgrounds sit for the test, making it one of the most accepted forms of international testing. This makes it imperative that proper IELTS preparation is taken by the aspirants. All four forms of language skills – listening, reading, writing and
speaking are tested in IELTS. Among these, the speaking test is a face-to- face interview round with a certified examiner.

IELTS test structure includes mainly two formats. Academic and general training. The listening, reading and writing sections are conducted in one day. Speaking depends on the test centre of a student. It can also be the case when one has to appear on the same day or it might vary by a week.

The academic structure of the examination has been designed for the kind of people who aspire to pursue undergraduate or post graduate program in an English speaking university or institutes. Candidates receive a Test Report Form that details their Overall Band Score and the scores they’ve achieved in the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections. The scores of each section are equally important. The Overall Band Score, thereby, is calculated by averaging the scores of the individual sections.


Fees of the examination is Rs.10,600/-

IELTS General

We as a Team health care , aim to help our students get success in IELTS keeping in consideration that we have to train students in a way that has perfectly designed curriculum and a schedule that suits every individual. Every individual has a different need when it comes to learn something. Hence, our trainers create various study plans for everyone and makes sure one is comfortable with one and sticks to the same regularly.

In order to achieve success, what we usually do is efficient time management, regular mock tests to boost confidence and skills, problem solving strategies and many more trainings apart from basic ones mentioned above which makes actual exam way easier for the aspirant.

More information on IELTS and IELTS fees structure can be obtained from the official websites:

www.ielts.britishcouncil.org.in (British Council)
www.ieltsidpindia.com (IDP)


Frequently asked questions

The academic version of for the aspirants willing to work at tertiary level in an /English speaking country. People considering to have work experience, training programmes, secondary schools or migrate to an English speaking country have to appear for the General training test. The only difference in both the format is in Reading and Writing test, Listening and Speaking remains the same.

IELTS is conducted every week. However, one has to book an appointment in advance.

You need to keep valid passport when you appear. They do arrange for pencils along with all the required things for examination. Hence, one can ignore taking anything else.

One can appear as many times one wants to as there is not criteria or limit in it.

The speaking test consists of a conversation with a certified IELTS examiner which is being recorded. This test is divided in three sessions.

These are the criteria to give a band score. Task achievement, Task response, Cohesion and Coherence, Lexical resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. They all are weighted equally.