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TOEFL VS IELTS VS PTE: which language tests should you opt for?

Many students want to go abroad for studies. For applying visa, there are exams which students need to crack with good score. In this article, we are discussing about IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is the most recognised English test in the world which measures the ability of your writing, speaking, listening and reading. It is a computer-based test. You need to prepare for the test at least 8-10 weeks before your exam.

TOEFL EXAM is conducted under IBT and PBT. TOEFL IELTS is an online test which is applicable only for Australia. The test is conducted more than 50 times a year and is given via the internet which includes speaking, listening, reading and writing the test. But TOEFL PBT is a paper-pencil test which is not conducted online. This test is not applicable now.

TOEFL exam fees are us $170 and you need to pay $ 35 for late registration. To reinstate a cancel score cost is $20 and you need to pay $ 60 for rescheduling the examination.


IELTS is an international English language testing system. It is a paper-based test which is applicable around 135 countries around the world. This test is a paper-based test which measures the ability to listen, writing, reading and speaking test. In this test speaking test is conducted before or after two days from the other test. Reading, writing and listening test is conducted on one day.

This test is conducted under the two councils i.e. British Council and IDP. Both the tests are compiled with Cambridge English Language Assessment. The difficulty level of both tests is the same. The IELTS score depends on the bands given by the examiner as per the capability of the test.

IELTS exam fee for this test is 10,600. The test is of two types i.e. academic IELTS test and general IELTS test. Both the tests are based on the candidate’s plans for going abroad. If he wants to go on study base then academic IELTS is considered and if wants to do work in a foreign country then general IELTS is considered.


PTE is a Pearson test of English. In this test writing and speaking, the test is conducted together and the other two tests are conducted after that which are reading and listening. It is a computer-based test. It is the test to evaluating the proficiency of the candidates in English who are seeking for foreign immigration.

The exam fee is 10,900. The examination fees will not be refunded if you cancel the test in test week but if you cancel the test a week before the test is conducted then 50% of the test fees will be refunded.

PTE exam is conducted under Pearson PLC group. You can get your scores within the 5 business days after the exam is conducted.

These are the main three tests which are needed for applying visa. All three tests were conducted for studying or working abroad. For the immigration or visa candidates should have proper score or band as per the requirement of the immigration.

Team HealthCare helps you to achieve your future goal by providing your best coaching for your language test. We not only provide you with help in language testing but also give suggestions and help you to take the best decisions regarding your visa and immigration targets.

Every individual has different needs when he/she going to learn something. According to the learning capability Team HealthCare provides the suggestions to achieve the study goals by choosing one out of three i.e. IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. According to individual needs and wants, these scores and testing ability is also different.

Comparison between TOEFL, IELTS AND PTE

We provide you with the best option out of these three options and give you the ability and coaching to score well in these exams.

  • TOEFL exam is 3 hours 10 minutes to 4 hours 20 minutes computer-based test which is applicable in 165 countries. PTE exam is much similar to TOEFL which is also a computer-based test but it is about 2 hours test. IELTS is a paper-based test which is about 2 hours 45 minutes.
  • Under TOEFL you can score 0-120 scores, you can score 10-90 PTE scores and in IELTS score you can get around 0-9. The immigration process depends upon the country’s rules and regulations regarding immigration.
  • The validity of each test is up to 2 years. Within two years if you do not apply for the visa then you have to give the exam again to go abroad on study or PR basis
  • In TOEFL the reading and listening task questions are put from paragraphs and passages. And in speaking and writing, 6 and 2 tasks are conducted respectively.
  • In PTE academic, speaking and writing task is conducted together and it is about 77-93 minutes round. In the second round 32-41 minutes reading task is conducted in which paragraphs and blanks, MCQs are questioned. In listening to a 45 -57 minutes task is performed in which dictations, MCQs and spoken test are conducted.
  • In IELTS exam, 10-15 minutes speaking test is conducted separately. In which face to face interview is performed between the examiner and the candidate. The other 3 test was performed on the same day.
  • TOEFL and PTE are mostly eligible for Australia only. But IELTS eligibility is in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and the U.K. and in most of the countries.
  • The result of your language test in TOEFL AND IELTS is declared after 10 days of the examination but in PTE exam, the result is declared after 5 business days from the day of examination.

Team HealthCare helps you to conduct the exam well and also helps you in how to achieve your Carrier goals with the help of Team HealthCare’s ‘coaching in English testing. If you are between 16 -18 years old then you must have to fill parental consent before filling the examination but you are above 18 years old then you don’t need to do so.

All the above three tests are of two categories general and academic. General is for those candidates who want to go abroad for a PR basis or work basis. Academic is for those who want to study as well as work?

What test should you opt for?

If your proficiency in English is very good then you can go to the IELTS exam. By this test, you can go abroad easily whether you want to apply for PR or on an academic basis. We help you in achieving your future goals.

If the candidate is a non-native English speaker then he/she should opt for the PTE exam because it is easy to learn and efficient for them.

If a candidate is an average English speaker then he should opt for the TOEFL exam which is much easy and effective for the candidate.

Team HealthCare’s main aim is to provide you with the best material for your study so that you can achieve your future goals easily. We provide the best study material to the candidates appearing for any of these tests. Health care team also provide some more facilities like giving extra time for practising and solve the queries of candidates in the minimum time period.

We help students to crack these exams and provide the proper guidance to get a good score in the exam.

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