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Why study medicine abroad

Earlier time it was a dream for any Indian students to study medicine abroad. I remember, hardly few option were available for us, but now time is changed , world becomes like a Global village , the internet and the affordability of air travel makes going abroad to study medicine so much easier now.

Now a day’s Across the world 1000’s of students who are passionate about becoming doctors have to go abroad to study medicine. Here are some reasons why:

  • Not enough places available in medical universities in their home country where the competition is intense
  • Entrance requirements are WAY too high to enter university in the home countries
  • Low quality education and university disruptions due to political unrest
  • Lack of infrastructure in home countries to facilitate a recognized medical school
  • Extremely high fees of International faculties that often exceeds students budgets
  • Our favorite, adventure! Yup, some of our clients go abroad to study because they love adventure.

Benefits of studying medicine at an international campus

Exposure, exposure, exposure! As a future doctor, communication, observation and interaction will be the tools that help you become the best doctor. When studying at an international faculty you are exposed to different cultures, languages and people. This exposure gives you the confidence to interact with your patients regardless of their background.

Part of being an effective doctor is about connecting with your patient. Being able to really listen and understand all the factors that may have contributed to their condition. Without being able to listen and create rapport with your patient, the patient will be less willing to speak. When you study abroad, you automatically learn how to adapt and overcome any social barriers.

Other benefits of studying medicine abroad are:

  • Affordability. Many of the medical universities we work with are more affordable than US and British medical universities.
  • Better chance of getting accepted. Entrance requirements at the international medical universities we work with are less restrictive in comparison to universities back home.
  • International recognition
  • Interactive, hands-on and well paced courses
  • Good infrastructure and relationships with local hospitals for clinical and practical part of studies
  • Safe, multi-cultural study environment with students from around the world
  • Independence and freedom to travel during long summer holidays
  • English language tuition, lectures and study material
  • Europe & Eastern Europe has become a most popular destination for students from around the world who want to study medicine, with Georgia being on the top of our list. Because Georgia is first choice for any Indian students, while Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria are second choice for Indian students.

While in Asia, China and The Philippines are drawing the attention of international medical students.

But for last few years China‘s popularity dramatically went down, this is due to diplomatic controversy between two nations. And poor quality of medical education in china, and language barrier for Indian students in China.

Are you interested in studying medicine abroad? Click to have a look at some of the best Georgian medical university we work with.